Monday, May 12, 2008

Colors of Nature

All of us have a bit of 'artist' within. Be it a delicious dish we make or the way we keep our house ... it's all about art. Art has always inspired us in all it's forms ... pictures, paintings, sculptures, dance, music or drama .... an artist lives all his life in the world of creativity. Capturing colors of life on a Canvas has always been a tough job for me, for my threshold experience in painting.
Still it interests me so much that I can't resist sometimes picking a new canvas board and stroking brushes on it. Last night, a lotus lake landscape was keeping my interests up and high. Thus, when I started this painting I actually felt that it is more than a painting if we think of it. The first step was ofcourse making blocks for lake (water) and the banks of the lake. It was a bit mechanical. Then I stopped looking at the original and my brush strokes started listening to my mind and not my eyes. My mind said ... why not some reflections of floral creepers in the lake? Often stagnant lakes are dense, dirty with beautiful lillies and lotuses. Thus, I introduced some lotuses. Though I painted only white and pink lotuses, they arrayed many shades of colors. The water looked still! I sensed that even a stagnant lake can be so colorful ... it can have shades of green leaves immersed as well as growing upwards ... only dirty water can be a bed for lotuses, right?
When Sun radiates and reflects on the water, new colors associate with water such as yellow and orange, and even white! Banks of lakes are often very messy to walk on ... but when viewed, they look so beautiful, the grass taking the direction of breeze and immersing itself in the lake to fill it's thirst.
There are many colors in nature that we can observe. Nature in all it's form reflect serenity. A close watch on the colors of nature can rejunuvate our mind. Remember, everyday Nature has something to offer us everyday, so watch it everyday and if you can 'capture it' too!
This lotus lake painting I did gave me immense satisfaction, my teacher was definitely my mind that had captured lakes I have watched 'some time back in my life ...', I look forward to be a key observer of Nature if I want to be a true Artist ...

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Cipson said...

Hi..Sharath, Nice writing, Why are you not posting your paintings in your blog?