Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Damsel of Honey

Madhubala meaning Damsel of Honey, was beauty personified. She was made so beautiful that thousands of actresses who came on silver screen after her could never wipe off Madhubala's beauty in our minds. A hole in her heart was a tragedy and yet she was known as the lady with a golden heart, very enduring and very loving. While she lead a loveless life she has portrayed her painful era of failed romance so perfectly in the movie Moghul-e-Azam, a classic cinema ever made in Hindi Cinemas. Wish this Afghani-Desi beauty lived a happy life, a little longer than what was in her destiny. I am posting this picture in my blog because both me and my Mother loved Madhubala so much that we discussed her very often. My Mom vouched at one point that no one can ever match to Madhubala's beauty and I truely agree with this. I miss my Mom so much today that I am digging into all that she loved, thus Madhubala

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heavy Rain Washes all our Tree Leaves

As we slept last night, we could hear the thunder and heavy rains through out ... morning when we wake up, our surroundings appeared like quite hill station. And it was such a pleasure to see our garden that appeared more greener than yesterday, courtessy rain water wash/bath.

A small poem I am writing narrating my garden's beauty today,

We do our bit of gardening,
But you do all the watering,

All my plants appear cleansed and washed,
They flaunt the beauty that is unmatched!

How do you give them such deep colors?
How do you kiss so tenderly the rose petals?

Oh Rain, keep my garden blessed always!

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Painting - Dusk in Winter - Oil on Canvas

This painting is not yet finished by me, I started this last year and somehow left it unfinished (like many other boards of mine!), was scanning through my pictures (scanned by me, taken by me) and found this and felt like uploading it in my blog. I have decided to finish this painting and put it on wall!

Personally I like cold weather, cold countries. Such gloomy, dusky moments in Winter, I always dreamt of such pathways between snow, dried trees and very less sunlight as I take a walk. I find such picturescapes very romantic.

Fundamentals of Arthashasthra

Having succeeded in guiding Chandragupta in the establishment of an empire, Kautilya retired from active life in order to record what he considered to be the fundamentals of a sound policy for building enduring institutions. The result of his meditations is the "Arthashastra".

"In the happiness of the subjects lies the happiness of the King, in their welfare lies his own welfare; the welfare of the state is not what pleases the king, but his happiness is the welfare of the subjects".

This verse was written by Kautilya, the author of "Arthashastra" or the science of statecraft. He was born at a time when India was divided into innumerable small states, each one more or less sufficient to itself. Kautilya realised that this was the root cause of many of the problems facing this vast country. A small state was incapable of facing the onslaught of a larger enemy. Moreover large scale prosperity is not possible unless the unit attains a certain size. Kautilya attempted to create a large empire which would bring under its control all the different small kingdoms of the vast Indian subcontinent. It implied that all these units had to be centralised, brought under a common administration. Sometimes the small units themselves would like to attach themselves to the big empire as that would provide them with a security. Otherwise, according to Chanakya, if required force had to be used in order to bring all the small units under one control. But once brought under a centralised government, unless a clear, wise and just policy is adopted by the rulers, the small groupings would have a tendency to break away and reassert their small independence.

The Arthashastra contains a series of instructions and advices which the ruler should follow, so that the central authority remains preserved for a long time.

The Arthashastra enjoins that life should be lived according to the Dharma, the law of Truth and Righteousness. Kautilya, however, being also a very practical man realised that a Dharmic life is not possible in a condition of general want and poverty. Accordingly he formulated that the purpose of life is Dharma, but the basis of Dharma is Artha or widespread prosperity and the basis of Artha is sound government. Hence the importance of good administration.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Responsible Citizens! Are they around?

What does it take to be Responsible Citizens? Does one become responsible by going everyday to work, doing great at work and paying taxes every month? Or does it end when one follows traffic rules while driving enroute to office? Perhaps there is lot more than all these ... responsibility means 'owning up'! Be it by having compassion to help a injured puppy on the street or giving way to the ambulance on the street, we become real human beings, not just responsible citizens.
When we drove our Mother to hospital in an Ambulance, I was so upset with people on the road not giving a way though they could have, they had enough space to go to extreme right or left to make a way for the ambulance ... because nothing is more precious than life, whether it is our own people's or anyone else's.
Today too while we were coming to office, it was a sad plight ... seeing an Ambulance struggle to make it's way to hospital ... very very few drivers gave it a way, thankfully our Cab driver was sensitive and sensible enough. Wish everyone makes an attempt to help Ambulance reach hospital well on time!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Loosing My Mother ...

It has been 15 days since I lost my Mother, but even today I feel she is somewhere around and not dead. This thought makes me emotionally secure but I also know, this is just a thought and not reality. Reality is she breathed her last on 26th August in Apollo Hospitals, MICU, Isolation ward ... I still think of those last few days, last few minutes before our Mom passed away.
This entire fear of loosing her started when I got a call on 25th of June, the day Michael Jackson died that 'Mom is in Emergency' from my sister. I rushed to Jayadeva hospital, on my way ofcourse I heard later that it is just a test in Emergency due to breathlessness and she did not have any cardiac arrest. While I sat in auto and I was thinking, suddenly I thought, oh is it like I'll loose my Mom today? On the same day of Michael Jacksons passing away? Wonder why this thought came. Later ofcourse we were all much relieved to see our Mother very much alright, we even had lunch together!
Michael Jackson remained so special in our hearts that his death was the most unpleasant news I ever heard. Today, I sometimes think, did Mom meet Michael Jackson in heaven? And did she tell him that her daughter (that is me) loved his Beat it song the most? Also will she compliment him for his dancing and entertaining abilities? Will my Mom also meet YSR and what will they talk like? Strange, but such thoughts do come ...
This day, 25th of June, I somewhere developed a fear within that anyday I might hear such a news about my Mom too ... and due to this I frequented my visits to her place. I also remember Mummy crying emotionally to see her daughters worried for her ... what a great soul she was! She loved us more than her own life, and she loved me too much. Precisely 3 months after this date, on 25th August she had a cardiac arrest, after which she was revived but declared as brain dead ... and 1 day after this, she stopped breathing.
These 3 months have been a roller coaster ride for Mom, she had many situations of sugar level getting high and feeling breathless. She even fell in my house on the carpet, followed by a unwanted blood clot in her thigh. And everytime I told her, Mom pls go and get yourself admitted for your fluctuating health and pain in your leg, she said 'Let Rayara Aradhane get over, I'll go'. And It's again strange, she visited Rayara Mutt and took prasada, and after this she got Viral Fever. Ofcourse later everything slipped out of our hands, fever lead to low saturation, and then her Kidney complicaiton, respiratory complication and finally cardiac arrest and brain dead. This was the only time she never wanted to go to hospital, wonder sometimes if she knew she was going to die ...
Though I was the one who got her admitted in the hospital on 13th of August, I was the one who heard her speaking last before the Ventillator Support, I was the last one to feed her milk when she craved for 'Saaru-Anna', I was the one who rushed first when she was brain dead after a cardiac arrest ... I was not the one around when she breathed her last! This was something I found very difficult to accept. I reached 7 min after she left us for ever. And I was again in an Auto, thinking if she is alive or dead ... I was listening to her all time favourite 'Chalte Chalte' from Pakeezah.
Post her death, I did not get much time to even cry. I had to be strong on the day her body was brought home ... to give stability to all my nephews and nieces and also keeping my Dad in mind. I saw her face for one last time when they were taking her for to the crematorium. It was a very traumatic situation.
Something within me died when I saw her dead though I told myself, I shall live my life to the fullest, celebrating each day like she did. Everynight she comes in my dreams and converses with us ... this makes me wake up thinking she is still alive, wish she was ... miss her too much!