Thursday, September 10, 2009

Responsible Citizens! Are they around?

What does it take to be Responsible Citizens? Does one become responsible by going everyday to work, doing great at work and paying taxes every month? Or does it end when one follows traffic rules while driving enroute to office? Perhaps there is lot more than all these ... responsibility means 'owning up'! Be it by having compassion to help a injured puppy on the street or giving way to the ambulance on the street, we become real human beings, not just responsible citizens.
When we drove our Mother to hospital in an Ambulance, I was so upset with people on the road not giving a way though they could have, they had enough space to go to extreme right or left to make a way for the ambulance ... because nothing is more precious than life, whether it is our own people's or anyone else's.
Today too while we were coming to office, it was a sad plight ... seeing an Ambulance struggle to make it's way to hospital ... very very few drivers gave it a way, thankfully our Cab driver was sensitive and sensible enough. Wish everyone makes an attempt to help Ambulance reach hospital well on time!


Sreekar said...

... very true... We are becoming emotionally bankcrupt and morally corrupt!

Cipson said...

In our busy world most of the moral values are going down day by day.