Thursday, May 8, 2008

Woh Kaagaz Ki Kashti Woh Baarish Ka Paani ...

Today's mornings Rain reminded me of my childhood ... of those cozy malnaad days ... many of those days I spent on those wet wood logs of Hunsoor (near Mysore/Madikeri) reading Amar Chitra Katha.
Rain not only brings us fresh moods but also makes us remember those lovely moments we spent in while it rained as kids. First song that comes in my mind 'Woh Kagaz Ki Kashti, Woh Baarish ka Paani' ... how lovely one has written this song and how well Jagjeet Singh has rendered it. I often remember Mummy sending Teju or Seema to call me back home, I would get down carefully from those slippery logs and get back home. If my mom wanted to ensure I reach home before it rains heavily, I would ensure my cats and dogs are warm and dry inside the house. House cats specially needed that attention, they knew they had to get in but still would not rush till I called them myself. Everytime it rained, my Mom would take help of my elder sisters to chop onions very small with many green chillies and make hot 'Uppittu'. We would always crave for second serve, perhaps even today I can't find anyone else who has made 'Uppittu' as tasty as Mummy made. We would enjoy watching it rain through our window, even when it stopped, we enjoyed watching rain drops on those red roses of our garden. Rainy moments were a part of our daily life, all those who have lived in Malnaad will say this. People walk and go to work or school .. rain or no rain. Making paper boats, sometimes special shark boats were equally exciting. Today we have so many other means of getting happy, but can anything be as lovely as those moments of making paper boats with sisters? Can our valley be as green as what we saw as kids after it rained? With increasingly busy life, plastic thrown everywhere, trees cut everywhere and so many tall glass buildings ... will we ever get back our garden city charm back? I wonder!
Rimjhim Gire Saawan is perhaps the best song to listen to on a rainy day ... I look forward to listen to this song today, as no one can touch my heart and create rain-romance mood as Kishore Kumar did.

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