Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Small things of daily life ...

Our daily life has to offer us a bit of everything ... be it joy or sad instances. However only the gist of the most impacting instance of a given day we end up remembering on some other day of life. I believe, making a note of small things that bring us 'small happiness’ too helps.
As I woke up today, I realized it was not my cell phone alarm that woke me up. It was actually a Nightingale bird who woke me up. She was singing so beautifully that I could got tempted to hear her with more conscious in me. Her every note of the song represented her happiness upon the sunset and her enthusiasm to start the day. Her song was so soothing for my mind, the same experience one goes through when a classical tune is heard.
Then when I make my coffee, Kitty and Panda say they are hungry. Once they are fed, they give endless entertainment ... playing, scratching, purring and even sometimes sitting in a mud pot and watching our lotus tank. The Aroma of coffee in my nostrils, a blissful moment of watching my cats play and now and then giving attention to nightingale's song made the moment very memorable. Other small birds too made their presence felt as they come and swing on our hibiscus trees ... sucking hibiscus flowers and singing in chorus for the Nightingale.
Every morning is different ... each day the Sun reflects a different shade of yellow as he sets on the sky, each day of summer the nightingale sings a new song ... and every day my cats play a different game. Only we, the people rush to start our routine without relishing these moments. Small things, detailed observations over small things give us so much happiness ... this state of mind can kick-off my day for best results from me. After all, happiness is a state of mind and in our mind when such small happiness gets recorded ... we are bound to feel more refreshed about life!

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