Monday, June 9, 2008

Ya Ali ... this song goes on even after it has stopped!

Ya Ali Rehem Ali ... Ya Ali, Yaar Pe Qurbaan He Sabhin ... Ya Ali Madad Ali ... Ya Ali, Yeh Meri Jaan Yeh Zindagi ...
Am sure most of us have heard this soulful song from the movie 'Gangster'. To me it is more than just a song, it is an interpretation, a saga of love. This song tells us that Love is about Giving ... , it defines love as Self-less.
When I heard this song first, I was stunned to know how intensely a singer can render a song ... definitely Zubeen Garg (Assameese Singer) deserves highest rank score. He proves in this song that singing is not everyone's cup of tea, singing is a task we assign not only to our vocal chord but also to our heart to involve ourselves in the mood of the song passionately. Then the beats, who can deliver supreme recording results other than our youngest music directr Pritam Chakraborty? And this song would have been 'just another song' if it had not had the Syed Quadri's lyrics. He has perfectly matched the mood of the situation, poetry & intensity of love.
I don't think any of songs in recent times have touched my heart like this one has done. It is special and very intense. It is definitely a copy of the more soothing original 'Ya Ghali' from Prince. Arabic version is very soft, very original and it has it's own mood set. But what I liked about Pritam was he made it better in Urdu, adding more pain and passion using the same tune ... sometimes when we copy and make it 'better' than the original, it is worth an effort, right?
Madad Ali, Rehem Ali words are the sayings of Shia Muslim who seek help from Imam Ali, as they believe he is a messenger of Supreme Allah. These words slowly blend with the various aspects of a man's love to his woman. He wants to do everything possible for his love ... even if it means destroying his identity! I am more impressed with the second stanza where Zubeen sings 'Bina Tere na ek pal ho ... na bin tere Kabhi Kal ho ... yeh dil banjaaye pathar ka na isme koyi hulchul ho ..' i nthese lines I identify a man who does not want a life without his lover.
The situation is equally touch if you've watched the movie ... Shiney Ahuja trying to come out of his dreaded gang of gangster forver for his love (Kangana), backdrop is a durgah in Korea ... bloodshed and impressive dialogues by Gulshan Grover ... parallely Kangana dreaming of a new life with an unknown man who is cheating on her ....
Indeed, this song goes on in my mind even after it has stopped! Ya Ali, how beautiful is the feeling of true love ...

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