Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rebellious Young!

Young one's are always cute and young one's are often rebellious.

They always do what is 'not to be done'. When we see kids doing all kinds of naughty stuff we don't usually think this can even happen with ther species, not just human.

My kitten 'Panda' always jumps in the garden much against his mom 'Kitty's' wishes. She likes him play but does not like it when he strays in outer areas or when his game never ends! Panda is rebellious in many ways, he gets into the house and runs everywhere just to get a glimpse of this inside world of his owner ... where-as his mother prompty eats her food and walks out.

A very similar incident happened this morning in my garden ... when I saw this young Maina Bird sitting in the window pane. It was very cute, was not very confident of reflex-flying ... it wanted to spend sometime at lower levels of life ... like a window pane. It was simply rebellious and bold to come down from his nest. After a while when my cat 'mee's it shifts on a hibiscus tree. Then comes his parents, angry and frightened of a situaiton like this .... they are perhaps in their own language scolding the younger one for this rebellious act. They were screaming, yelling and finally the younger one flew to the electricity wire and made it it's base. I was wondering ... like it happens with us, we control the younger one's ... scold them and later console them ... it much be happening in the world of birds too. Questioning, Reasoning, Consoling ... all such emotions do exist in birds, just that we don't watch them or understand what we hear of them.

A young rebellious Maina in every sense reflects qualities like innocence, adventurous, curiousity. It was an episode I watched today and felt no matter what we are, who we are ... as young we rebel and our elders correct us. This must go on ... regardless of the time and era. That is when the incidents can get exciting, if all young one's were obedient all the time ... whats the fun?

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