Friday, June 5, 2009

Loosing Tomco ... an experience that has darkened my world

While Tomco and Orangee were our life, every morning we woke up listening to their purring ... every night we slept experiencing their tender bites as they played on our cot, who expected a day will come when this paradise will end? I always want time to stand still when moments are so joyful, like any one would do. Tomco was our baby in every sense, it was special since for months we longed to keep him with us ... Tomco's unique personality attracted us more to it. While Orangee was a normal happy playful kitten, Tomco was lazy, thoughtful, intelligent, arrogant kitten. It had the best look, best eyes, soft voice and a soft body. Never I thought he'll go away from us.

June 2nd started unusually well, I cooked a lot, dressed up quite early to leave to office ... minutes after Srinath left, my driver comes and tells me a shocking truth, he asks me if all kittens are at home ... and that he just spotted a beautiful white kitten dead on the road! My worst fear came true .. it was Tomco. A head injury ... he was no more. I was too hurt to react. After calling out my family, all I thought I must do was arrange a graceful funeral for it. I still chose to go to office, on my way calling Srinath and giving him this very unfortunate news was hell. It's still a mystery how he died. Minutes before he died, I had seen him running to the garden. That day I broke down many times at office, decided to get back home to look after the lonely Orangee.

I wish this never happened. My Tomco was truely a special kitten ... my baby in every sense. I miss him so much that it hurts a lot. Everything is incomplete with Tomco. Orangee misses him more than me I think, he looks for his brother quite often. I pray God that he gives us strength to move on in life. This incident has killed something in me, it has created a void, a darkness that I never wanted. I worry a lot for Srinath ... who was very dear to Tomco, for the first time I saw him so shaken.

Tomco, you'll live in our hearts for ever. Like a star you will shine in the sky ... I want to watch you everyday, remember you everyday. Your naughtiness, your fascinations will be in my memories fresh for ever. I really wish I had you till the end of time ... but then, it did not happen. I am sorry Tomco, I could not save you ... I loved you a lot.

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