Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where do I "long" to be?

Urban life has many limitations to list. Yes we earn money here, we have opportunity's here, time flies fast and we meet a lot of people but, is this where I long to be? I wonder. As I think where I would feel 'belonged' and 'very happy', what comes in my mind is ...
- It should have been a hill top wooden house of mine, small and warm, where I open my balcony door of my room, walk out to see the great Kanchenjunga! As I watch this magnificent golden hill amidst many snow peak mountains ... I sip a cup of hot coffee!
- Perhaps enjoying a lemonade after soaking myself in essential aroma oils in Bali island, my feet touching pebbles of the water body, my hair flocking a wild flower!
- A roadside tea stall en route to Western Ghats of Karnataka, drizzling rain and I stamp on wet land to pick my cup of tea in a glass tumbler
- A cloudy day, I am at home seeing through the window and observing how my garden flowers respond to wind.
- An Espresso in a street cafe of Amsterdam as sunsets ... an exotic candle lit on my table, I watch people returning home from their work.
Many such imagination's do make me happy. Someday I must experience these

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