Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Furr Friends

Finally my dream has come true, I got an opportunity to raise two kittens, who are brothers. One kitten has a history with us, I had picked him up when he was a bit away from mother in another building 2 months back, kept him with me for a day to only leave him back to mother (called Lankini) as he was very emotional. I was waiting for him to grow up, learn more skills from his mother and come back home. This wait was worth. Because I not only got him back, also his brother who was orange color coated. Now, to name them ... we thought of many names but finally ended naming them 'Tomco' and 'Orangy'. In short I call them 'Tom' and 'Orange'. It sounds like 'Tom' and 'Jerry' ha ha!
Both posses distinct looks and qualities ... there are no similarities between them except the fact that they are tom (male) kittens and they are born to parents Lankini (she is very ferocious by nature, thus my neighbours have named her against a Demon) and a Tamarind Tree Tom cat (A gorgeous looking stray cat residing in a resort near by). If Orange looks like his father, Tom looks more like his mother.
Tom has honey colored eyes, looks absolutely beautiful in every angle. He has soft body, soft teeth and also soft paws. I feel he is fragile and needs that extra attention while raising him. He relishes Curd Rice and does not crave too much for meat food products. Per say, he is lazy ... he does not like to burn himself off totally, his energy is well reserved for required activities only. He sits and thinks al ot if what I feel, he is white in color with lot of colorful spots on him and a grey bushy tail.
Orange is a typical kitten who loves to play, has orange coat on white body. He is aggresssive, sharp teeth and nails ofcourse and loves meaty produts to eat. He is very fond of his brother and always wants to play with him. I feel Orange is very creative in his games too. But only thing is sometimes he bites Tom very hard.
My Furr friends are so beautiful that I feel very happy to watch them play and grow. When they are tired they come and just sleep on me purring ... I love that moment. I often thank God for giving me ability to love these cats. Like I have said many times in past, I learn a lot from Cats ... more I see them, more I learn.

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