Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Summer Treats

Summer is back and I already hear many saying 'Oh I dont like it so Sunny', 'I am proned to get head ache', 'I cant bear this heat', etc. But there are positive sides of Summer.
Summer is not just about Sun, Heat and Sweat ... Summer also comes with juicy watermelons, sweet and sour grapes and soothing mangoes.
Those who suffer from lack of apetite can try a lot of fruits as a substitute to snacks, those who want to burn stored fat can drink loads of tender coconut and butter milk.
Every season offers something unique and suitable for the climatic conditions. The supreme power above us has balanced nature so very well, for a thirsty throat there are watermelons.
Mud pot sellers are back in city, I remember when I was very young how we used to enjoy cold water from mud pots. Water has enhanced taste over other Water like refridgerated or boiled or filtered. I am sure all those people who love the fragrance of mud when it rains will enjoy a mud pot kept in their kitchen ... there are many earth eaters (like me!!) who even enjoy eating mud out of temptation when it smells so good
Beat this Summer by enjoying all good things Nature has offered us. Stay indoors when Sun is direct, stay outdoor during evenings ... take that long walk in fresh air.
We must always remember, every night is followed by a morning meaning there is light after darkness and similarly every Summer is followed by Monsoon ... a season of romance!

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