Thursday, March 19, 2009

Camera, Lights On, Action!! But no Cut or Retake ...

Our Life is like a drama set on a stage. We often come on stage, prepared or unprepared ... face the camera of society, enact our character that 'we are' and then there's a cut. Sometimes there are many retakes. On one fine day on the Stage I meet this person Sreekar.
Sreekar is bundle of joy, loads of fun. He has great sense of humour and a keen observant. I often wonder how he gets so much energy to be this was 24/7. Because we are after all human beings, we have our moods fluctuating and sometimes physical tiresome overtakes the enthusiasm of mind. But Sreekar is an exception. He makes a perfect salesman I think because I see him doing so well at career. He is so very fond of his friends and their families that he is a part of everyone's special day or event. A crowd puller, hillarious, intellectual conversationalist and a good listener. Any occasion, we often wait for Sreekar to share our thoughts, experiences and fun of day to day life. Though I met him as my husbands close friend, I had no reason to continue to think he is only my husbands close friend. He is very much my own friend. Like I always said, it's easy to define Sreekar because he is so easy going, etc. etc, but not easy to be like him.
Be it an article he wants to show us or a video he has captured that has something really funny or his conference call with all friends on the other side discussing a controversial subject, Sreekar does everything posssible to pull people together and laugh. Sometimes when we all laugh together over something, we tend to feel we all are living the same life ... it's such a nice feeling right?

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