Sunday, March 22, 2009

Garden Fragrance

Often parks, house gardens and trees dropping flowers on the streets attract us in this urban life. While we always enjoy a drive in a bike or a car seeing greenary, it is worth while stopping and taking a walk in a park to feel the chill breeze. We have options to unwind ourselves in serene parks.
My observations revolve around garden designs and garden plants in independent houses. I love watching them. There was a time when I dreamt of having my own garden. I perhaps insisted on our own independent house only to have a garden, strange but a fact. Parking our car inside a gated compound was first priority, second priority was a garden and lastly the living space inside the house ...
Today when I have my own garden, I love every bit of it. I love the fact that I am growing 8 to 10 trees around the house, a lot of fruit trees inside and on the terrace, couple of spice trees and 100 odd roses on my terrace. I have never put my hands in gardening before. I am very new to this whole exercise but since it is my dream to see a lot of yielding plants/trees in my house I can stretch myself to learn and do gardening.
Fragrance in my garden are of wide variety. I smell my hands after touching a tomato plant ... it is irresistable. I also love the fragrance of marigold ... it's the best flower fragrance I feel. Gardeners often enjoy such small pleasures of seeing beautiful eggplants, feeling the touch of a soft rose petal, smelling the fragrance of coriander or sensing the presence of many other flowers in the garden with a blow of a breeze. Gardening gives immense satisfaction. Anyone who loves nature in it's real form should own a few plants and nurture them. It makes us fresh.
Visiting a garden nursery is a beautiful experience, talking to gardeners makes us know so many things about plants and techniques and finally seeing a big colorful dahlia bloomed in the garden leaves a lasting impression in our heart.

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Sreekar said...

Leaves us wondering... Have we forgotten to enjoy the small but REAL pleasures of life?
We would rather watch a favourite movie or a TV Sitcom rather than explore and enjoy nature!

Are we missing the woods for the trees??