Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Most Favourite - Top 10 Hindi Film Songs

1. Wahan Kaun He Tera Musafir, Jayega kahan ...

Movie: Guide


Excellent lyrics and direction. People like different things in a song, sometimes music, sometimes lyrics, sometimes rendering, etc. I am one of those people who follow lyrics first ... if I can connect to it; it becomes a song that I would want to listen again and again. This song takes me to reality of life, in which we are actually 'alone'. Most of the time we superficially go with the thought that we have family and friends, but deep within we realize how lonely we are in a crowd. Even today when I watch this song, it moves me so much when Dev Anand runs after realizing people had thrown some money at him thinking he was a beggar ... one of the finest portrayals of human emotions. Perhaps, best of Goldie ... best of Navketan banner! What makes this song more humane is the soft rendering by SD Burman, the tune which is so very from East Indian; I don't think anyone could have sung this better than the Music Director himself!

2. Ya Ali

Movie: Gangster


Many reasons again like lyrics, rendering & intensity of love! It was incidentally my mother's favorite too. We both loved listening to it again and again and I even had blogged on why this song is so special to me.

3. Aap Jaisa Koi

Movie: Qurbani

Qurbani was perfect one of the finest music albums during my growing up days. This song is simply so beautiful ... be it music or rendering by Nazia Hassan. Don't know why I think of Mysore when I hear this song, makes me nostalgic about those days my sisters & mom would buy record plates from Mysore, while we were based in Hunsur. It makes me very happy when ever I hear this song.

4. Jaane Woh Kaise Log the Jinke

Movie: Pyasa


Guru Dutt! How do I write in words why Guru Dutt is my favorite? His intelligence, his intensity can't be defined in a few sentences. And to top up, my favorite Hemanth Kumar’s deep manly voice adds so much value to this song which is representation of a poetic man's hurt over loosing his love of life. I often listen to this song. The sequence of the song is well shot, Guru Dutt has used his depressed eyes very well to convey message to audience.

5. Tujhse Naraaz Nahin Zingagi

Movie: Masoom

Gulzar's lyrics make us think a lot about small, often ignored parts of our lives. This song makes us realize the void we all have. Masoom is a very special movie to me as this is the only movie I watched this with my both parents going in a scooter in Shimoga. I like both the versions of this song, lata's and Anup Ghoshal's.

6. Kajra Muhobbat Wala

Movie: Kismat

Naughty, romantic lyrics topped up with Shamshad Begum's suitable voice. I like everything about this song, composition and the way it is shot ... babita is the boy and biswajit is the girl! It's a lot of fun watching or hearing this.

7. Mere Bhole Balam

Movie: Padosan

Kishore Kumar! I can't stop appreciating how well he renders 'meri pyari bindu'

8. Kanchi Re Kanchi Re

Movie: Hare Rama Hare Krishna

Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, RD Burman, Dev Anand, Mumtaz & Nepal! I find it extremely romantic...

9. Man Kyun Beheka Re Beheka

Movie: Utsav

Best of Lata & Asha ... two women sharing their perception of romance, shot in an ancient house of Karnataka to depict the golden era of India where prostitutes were rich and respected. I liked this song so much that I actually learnt how to render it right and won many prizes till date!

10. O Saathi Re

Movie: Muqaddar Ka Sikander

Amithab Bachchan, Kishore Kumar & Kalyanji Anandji. Everything about this song talks of love, the most beautiful expression of life.

There are many more songs that are my most favourite, but in one shot if I am asked to list top 10 ... then it is this list!

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