Friday, May 14, 2010

Did you know?

1. That there are no 'snakes' in Switzerland!

2. The first coffee seed was sown in Chikmagalur town of India

3. Romeo-Juliet story 'did happen' and was not just a 'drama'.

4. Indonesia is made of 17,508 islands!

5. There was nothing called 'India' before, it was formed by British and eventually formalized by Freedom Frighters

6. Japanese get very pleased when they are gifted with a watermelon

7. Almost 16 million men carry Ghenghis Khan's Y-chromosome!

8. Bangalore did not become IT-centric city in 90s, it was into the core IT from earlier 19th century with a lot of research centres

9. The only Sanskrit speaking village is 'Matturu' near Shimoga

10. Napoleon Bonaparte, the french military leader, emporer actually had Italian origin parents

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