Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kill only once!

We often notice a lot of hens, their legs tied mercilessly and loaded on a scooter or a cycle ... a journey that makes them die a 1000 times before they reach their destination, a slaughter house ... to actually die!
Then there are sightings of a truck loaded with a lot of under-sized cages, many hens dumped in each cage .. on their journey to several slaughter houses. During such a pathetic journey, these poor hens can't even stand up on their legs .... they are forced to sit in a crumpled state.
How I wish, there was a bit of sensitiveness in people who loaded hens this way ... why are hens dying of pain & suffocation before the actual death by neck slaughter?
Considering these painful un-ethical treatment for animals, will a plate full chicken biryani still taste yummy?

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