Monday, January 4, 2010

My take on 3 Idiots

Like many who go to watch an Aamir Khan movie (that too author backed!) I too went to watch 3 Idiots. As ever pinned all positive hopes while I watched this movie but I was surprised to see how it did not impress me. Tried hard to like a movie that was being directed by legendary Munnabhai Makers and enacted by Aamir, again someone who flaunts a 'perfectionist tag' but what do I praise? A whole lot of predictable scenes where they praise a character 'Rancho' to raise his popularity over other superior actors like Sharman Joshi? Did the makers of the movie think that naked ragging, uncalled scenes in rest rooms and same old Bomman Irani acting like a Director (not a Dean this time you see!) can set the expectations right for Audience who can think better about an Engineering Collage?

The only highlight of the movie is perhaps the philosophy that says 'do not run behind success, instead do well success will follow you', and I suppose even this philosophy is picked up from Chetan Bhagat's best seller. Aamir Khan playing '20 something' was so much like Indians once proclaiming 'India Shining'. Making few funny faces isn't comedy, comedy should not appear like an attempt of an actor .. instead comedy is an expression of a true actor. Loud comedy scenes, drinking and loosing control, pissing in front of professor's house and always typcasting a studious person as an object to laugh about isn't really a collage about right?

What I expected from this movie is good humour, intellectual representation of a brilliant student, how he can influence thinking of few around him rather than such a 'larger than life hero' delivering a baby at the end of it.

Well, did Kareena sign this movie just to be part of a Aamir Khan clan? She is quite under utilized and is certainly not the only medico who can save life of a paralytic patient. Using poverty and disease to create humour appeared so disgraceful.

By just enjoying a few good scenes that I can extract from this movie, I still find it so hard to say it's a good movie. A few scenes can't make a movie good, a good movie is a good movie ... has to be a combination of sensibilities of a Director, a believable script, portrayal of characters and above all Music.

Sorry, just Zoobi-Doobi can't be an excuse to appreciate the Music of 3 Idiots.

Next time someone launches a movie based on a novel, with self proclaimed intelligent actors in it, even if it is going to be product of a historic block-buster movie ... I shall definitely watch out before I buy tickets!


Sharath said...

Oh an interesting review.... Haven't watched it yet. However Much has been spoken bout the revamping the education system India needs looking at this movie...

Kannan said...

Nicely written, but people should take the positivities of the movie and not blame the movie for whatever foolish acts students have done after watching the movie. It shows we people lack skill in grasping positive attitude towards life.

Srinath said...

I agree summarizing 3 Idiots

3 Idiots = (3 brand names + very few good scenes) - (lot of pathetic scenes)

Overall a below average movie.