Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Orangee, remembering our beloved cat ...

Are you now a twinkling star on the Sky?

Or have you reached heaven on the fly?

Or are you still living in our hearts making them heavy?

Orangee, what a wonderful cat you were! Everything you did made us happy, made us amused, made us love you more and more. Be it those playful acts with stuffed toys or artificial vegetables or your watching of television, I always thanked god we have you with us as a part of our life. When Tomco left you and us on June 2nd with the horrifying accident, no one thought even you would reach your brother in the same way, same time ... giving us the same pain of loosing you. You were so loved by us that every moment without you became lifeless. There was not a single discussion between us in the family that did not mention your name, how hard it is now to sip coffee together as a family without you. Who ever hit you ruthlessly by his car would have never known the result would be so disastrous for you and us. You should have had a great long life with us Orangee, 26th October was a black day of our life. 26th date, again unlucky as even Mom passed away on 26th (of August but). I hate this date :-(, we lost you Orange ... the most painful moment of our lives.

To see Srinath weeping and breaking down so many times was a helpless situation. Srinath loved you so much for your naughty nature, for your carefree attitude and many other great qualities you possessed. We could never raise you to adulthood, so sorry dear. To move on in life and to give life to many other cats who are abandoned or caged, we had to adopt Cleo from CUPA and she has helped us to smile again.

It was so hard to bury you in front of our house, and suddenly I remembered your favourite toy, the baingain ... I asked Srinath to keep it with you as you loved it the most ... Orangee, you will live in our hearts forever.

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